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Join us on May 17, 2019 for our eighth annual A Night To Remember program in the Albemarle High School school cafeteria at 6:00pm. Help us welcome these new Hall of Fame members. There is no charge to attend. Go to www.albemarlealumni.com  A Night To Remember to register.

Our guest speaker for the evening is Jonathan Douglas Berry. Douglas graduated from Albemarle High School in 1976. He retired from the United States Army after a 35 year career in 2013 with the rank of Colonel. Douglas has had many interesting assignments while in the military. He continues serving people in life after military. Jonathan Douglas Berry was inducted into the Albemarle High School Alumni Hall of Fame in 2016 and has been a Supporting Member.

2019 AHS Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees
Brian Christopher Heath - Brian was a guidance counselor at Albemarle High School. He was an example for any school counselor, but even more so, for any human being. With his openness, caring and genuine interest in people, he was always a present listener and made each student that he spoke with feel important and valued. Included in his nomination was a touching message from a student. Mr Heath passed away from a medical condition in 2019. Nominated by Chris Lennon and the AHS Guidance Department.

Philip "Phil" James -Phil is a 1970 graduate of Albemarle High School. In the gracious Albemarle County style and manner that we all aspire to, Phil displays the best of what a graduate of Albemarle School should be. Phil has entertained us with his book, Secrets of the Blue Ridge, and keeping us informed with his Sugar Hollow post and many articles in the Crozet Gazette. Some of those articles were to honor, Mr. Benjamin Hurt, who was Principal of Albemarle High School for thirty years (1954-1984). Nominated by Shields Jones, 1970 Albemarle High School graduate.

Matthew "Matt" Titone - Matt served as head custodian at Albemarle for twenty eight years. Through his leadership , Matt has been a wonderful example for the people around him.  Matt knew that one of his most important jobs was to meet the needs of the students as it related to his job description. Matt was the epitome of a team player. He always would commit to helping administration with school beautification events that took place on weekends. He would always make sure that equipment and supplies were available to complete the job. Matt retired at the end of2018. Nominated by AHS Principal Dr. Jesse Turner.

Tommy Keith Williams - Tommy is a 1959 graduate of Albemarle High School. After graduation, Tommy developed a very successful printing business in Charlottesville. During Tommy's childhood days he lived in the Belmont Neighborhood of Charlottesville that was split between Lane High School, the City school, and Albemarle High School, the County school. There were fights and harassment. After fifty years, in 2008 Tommy had an idea for a Belmont Boys reunion, thirty attended at McDonalds for breakfast. Everyone had a great time, it became an annual event. On April 13, 2019 one hundred and sixty one attended, some traveling from out of state to attend. A split community is now one. Nominated by Sherman Shifflett, AHS Class 1960 and a Belmont Boy.

Charles "Connie" Crenshaw
AHS Alumni Association


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