Last Will-AHS 1967






Class of 1967's Last Will and Testament

Click on the link above to see if a member of the "Mighty Class of 1967" (their words, not ours) left you an inheritance. We listed some we noticed below, but there may be others.

Beverly Atkis to Mike Harrison
David Butler to Glenn Easter and Chuck Manson
Kathy Carson to Candy Clark
Jane Coleman to  Monte Jane Poole, Lisa Dillard and Terrell Hammond
Sandy Cross to Chuck Manson
Gail Fitzgerald to Kathy Caperton, Wayne Brown and Marilyn Fitzgerald
Susan Grimes to Jody Harris and Harold Grimes
Judy Hobson to John Pitts
Melvin Huff to Craig Winter
Colleen Lanahan to Chuck Manson
Gregory Lee to Greg McDermott
Terry Nefos to Lisa Dillard
Geoff Pitts to John Pitts
James Robinson to John Pitts
Daniel Tisdale to Bobby Coleman
Carol Umdenstock to Kathy Umdenstock
Viv Vascott to Bruce Vascott adn Kathy Caperton
Dexter Williams to Rosemary Nefos
Medie Wood to Sara Addington