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08/18/10 02:31 PM #1    


Karen Leake (Schultz)

Hi Karen,

Thank you for putting this together. Since I am now local, please let me know if I can help in some way. This is an incredible site!

Karen (Leake) Schultz

09/10/10 09:58 PM #2    


Mary Susan Sewell

 Looking forward to my first trip back in 35 years. Can anyone suggest a nearby not-pricy hotel? Maybe local folks can steer us arriving from out of town?

09/20/10 04:20 PM #3    


Donna Downing (Gray) (1969)

Okey dokey it looks like this forum needs some activity so I will start.  I want to share a hotel room with someone.  See below:

Hi, I know we don't know each other but I am looking for someone to split the cost of a hotel with me.  I am booked at the Budget Inn, 3 mins. walk to Alumni Hall, Fri/Sat, Oct. 8-9.  Cost for the weekend would be only $94.35 each, 2 double beds, non-smoking.  I am EZ, live and let live, and don't plan on being in the room except to sleep and bathe.  Are you interested?  Lemme know:) I am sending this email to several people to try to find someone.  We could even have more than 2 people if someone doesn't mind sharing a bed.  I prefer to sleep alone as I have for the past 20 years, ha ha! or email thru this site.  Thanks!

At the risk of seeming to be a tight wad, I prefer to stay in a less expensive hotel that has a primo location, and spend money on something I can take home with me, like UVA stuff and Whole Foods stuff, which I will definitely go grocery shopping there before going home.  The closet Whole Foods is 90 miles from where I live.  OK, so I am not a tight wad:)  Tight wads do not shop at Whole Foods, or as my friend likes to say, Whole Pocketbook.

                                              A Kodak Moment in Mississippi

09/20/10 11:02 PM #4    


Donna Downing (Gray) (1969)




drum from the Hook!

09/27/10 06:46 PM #5    


Donna Downing (Gray) (1969)

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Live from the Hook
The Skip Castro Band
Boogie At Midnight CD Release Party!
Friday, October 1
Crozet Music Festival

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Dear Fans of the Charlottesville Music Scene:

We are expecting a big party at the Crozet Music Festival next Friday to celebrate the CD release of Boogie At Midnight, and we hope that you will join us for the celebration. The CD sounds great, and the Festival will be your first opportunity to take one home!

The Festival will feature three days of great music. Skip is the headliner on Friday night at 8PM. Saturday and Sunday are also jam-packed with great acts all day long and into the evening. This is the perfect time of year for an outdoor concert, and it's a beautiful venue, featuring great beers, wines, and food. This is very family-friendly event, and with Skip also playing on Saturday at Alumni Hall before the Florida State game (time TBA), it will be a great weekend to visit Charlottesville.

Come join us for the best party of the year!

Support Live Music Wherever You Can!

Deke Ealy
Live From The Hook
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10/02/10 10:23 PM #6    


Donna Downing (Gray) (1969)

Hello, some of you may remember my brother Bobby Downing.  Bobby died in a plane crash when he was just 26 years old.  If any of you have pictures of my brother, no matter how inconsequential, even if he is just in the background, I would REALLY appreciate it if you would bring the picture to the reunion.  I would love to have a copy.  Thanks a lot!  Donna Downing Gray

10/04/10 09:34 PM #7    


Donna Downing (Gray) (1969)

gee how much weight can i lose in 4 days, 2 hours, and 25 minutes??????????

10/04/10 09:49 PM #8    


Karen Viar

The same amount the rest of us can, ZERO! What is, is. 40 years plus later, we have all changed physically. I want long hair again. Should I get extensions? LOL 

10/08/10 10:53 AM #9    


John Rainey

Remember our motto-"Don't trust anyone over 30!"- Now 3 of my 4 kids are over 30- I just trust my grandchildren 

10/10/10 11:18 PM #10    

Steve Ashby

 A bit of AHS trivia: we were the only graduates to have our diplomas signed by Leslie H. Walton.

10/16/10 11:24 AM #11    

Eric Bralley

Well, missed seeing all of you at the reunion. I am sure that the time spent together was wonderful. I get back to Charlottesville every couple of years...maybe and would love to get together.

11/03/10 08:42 AM #12    


Reynolds (Chuck) Mansson

Karen, this web site is quite the achivement. Thanks

Regret missing the reunion, I'll be back in Ch'ville soon

Open invitation to all to look me up if you are headed to New Orleans.



04/21/11 11:01 PM #13    


Karen Viar

To Reyn, Eric and all out-of-town Classmates,

Contact me when you are planning a trip home. I will work to arrange a place to gather and send emails out to our classmates. We can have mini-reunions!

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